I work on a lot of fun things, here are some examples


I have a lot of interests, probably too many. Below is a list of my at least “semi-professional” projects, but there are far more. I have some interest in everything, and love spending my free time reading about new and interesting topics. Often enough, these skills come into use in my professional life as well.

I've been building websites for over 10 years now, so this is only a fraction of what I've built in that time. However free time is limited, so I've uploaded examples of the website I've worked on in the last 2 years primarily.

I love working with the web. Front end development is a blast (in moderation), and PHP's newer versions make the language fast and fun to build in. I have a ton of experience in Wordpress, and that's where the majority of my work takes place, but I have a personal passion for custom frameworks & MVCs.

I think performance is something that is often overlooked in web development, but the data shows that user's care a lot about a website's response time. I built my own WP boilerplate theme to provide better performance and out of the box features/layouts for building highly custom wordpress websites.

It's built to be cache-friendly, extensible, responsive, and SEO focused.

I wrote my own CSS framework because I felt there wasn't a lightweight option out there that could be used as a solid website foundation. Websites that use libraries like bootstrap oftentimes have developers who misuse it and have thousands of excess lines of CSS for features and elements their website isn't using. Worse still, a lot of these developers spend hours "unstyling" bootstrap with soups of malformed and !important CSS rules. Used well, many of the CSS frameworks out there like bootstrap are very powerful tools, but for some projects I wanted a very lightweight and clean baseline to work from.

I highly recommend viewing the online documentation to learn more about it. It runs this very website, and many others.


  • Fully responsive flexbox grids
  • Responsive prefixed gutter classes
  • Solid css reset
  • Full color scheme with variable configuration
  • Automatic text color contrast finder
  • Common UI elements such as Tabs, Pagination, Modals
  • Striking and well spaced typoography
  • Intelligent form validation and styling
  • Very helpful helper classes
  • All in under 40kb!

BDG was a passion project of mine starting in 2005. Big Dumb Gaming is an esports organization that emphasizes on having fun and being good. Often time esports brands are cold, standoffish, and bland. But we believe that having fun is what makes this industry special.

I spent 5 years managing 30 people and building the team up from a team no one had heard of, to world 3rd. I then stopped playing myself and created a business around the team. After years of building tens of thousands of followers and viewers on different platforms, we then partnered with the Golden State Warriors to become one of the worlds premier esports teams. It was an extremely fun ride, but ultimately I fell out of love with the scene and decided to move on.