Barista Pro Shop

Tags: Custom, MVC, PHP, Routing

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BPS is one of the largest Barista Supply Shops in the country, and their website is a behemoth. BPS was built nearly a decade ago by a programmer who didn’t use any good practices in their code. I was tasked with maintaining, refactoring, and implementing new code and features. To date, I have made over 100,000 changes in ~700 commits.

I took their website from a backup-less PHP 5.4 website to a Gitlab CI automatically maintained PHP 7.2 website. I rid it of unsafe security flaws, old mysql_ integrations, and built a routing and event system throughout the entire codebase so that we could extend the code and avoid cascading functionality for easier debugging.

It’s not the prettiest website in the world, but the massive codebase that lies beneath the surface is something that I’ve become very proud of.